Brooch, beads, necklace, bracelet and all about jewellery are my future project in the short term. I have dream to be the rich woman from jewellery hueheehe its just joke. But everything could be possible if Allah allowed me and hope dream come true. I just try to positive thing for everything.

jewelry always make me interested. But one thing that i dont like to use it. I never use even love it so much. I just feeling not free to do anything when i use jewelry. I just love to be the observer than user except brooch. Brooch very important for using hijab. Brooch have good value if we sell to muslima. U can see my sample at my picThis Green is very nice i think. Kind of this brooch are glass beads, chain, fresh water pearls, sintetic pearls and drop beads. If i can make it by my self i think u can make it too. I will teach trough by my ebook. U can buy it. But not now just wait till our launching.How do u thing abt this one? hope its nice too. I love butterfly, thats why i make beads and change it to be the butterfly.
Red cross? nope.. this is brooch too. I think this is make u happy coz red have brave meaning. U can brave and happy if u make it in ur hijab (forcing words). But of course this is just for woman. For guys u can to be the referral if u interested to selling jewelry. Dont use this if u feeling a man or u gonna be transgender.


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